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Branding and Environmental Graphics for a cafe conceptualized for millennials aged 20-35.

Zee TV is India’s largest media network. And now as an extension of the brand -they offer a unique physical portal to its audience with this chain of cafes in multiple cities. 

Banglore  |  Pune  |  Ahmedabad | Jaipur


Retail Design, Graphic Design



Design studio

FITCH, Mumbai


2017 - 19

Even for a global media conglomerate like the channel’s owner, Zee Entertainment, getting and retaining people’s attention online is tough. Sometimes you need to interrupt the smooth seamlessness of the digital realm with some expertly designed, real-world friction. we conceptualised and designed a string of 8 regionally localised cafés that would do exactly that, helping Zee 5 reach India’s millennials when doing what they love most: hanging out with their friends.


Every Zee5 LOFT is a ‘community studio’ for live content, talent auditions, events and fandom creations. A multi-sensory ‘urban chameleon’ of localised entertainment, drink and food-theatre relevant to its local culture and audience.

Graphic Language

Graphic elements are created to be flexible and ever-changing while adopting a light tone of voice. Every cafe uses local phrases, elements from the area for its architecture and graphic design.

A graphic system which can continue to create multiple patterns used in various proportions through the space and restaurant merchandise.


The brand pattern is used as a signature for all cafe flooring. Stores can play up this pattern on the facade and window too.

pattern tiling

zee5 loft cafe graphic
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