Lamborghini launch invite

Poster for Unicef

Infographic poster designed to simplify and remind children all the necessary steps of a proper hand wash. 

I love taking up pro-bono work in between my projects, and if you have anything I can help you with, feel free to contact me.


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Pro-bono work for WASH, India



This project was a thrilling opportunity to work with Lamborghini for their Aventador car launch event in Mumbai. We received six volumes of systematic and precise Brand guidelines, that left me looking for creative ways to find a "design loophole". The guidelines did not allow any changes to the invite template, or the usage of the logo-mark on any surface other than the invite card.

But it was an invite from Lamborghini and it had to thrill the receiver. 

So I built this plain black box invite containing all the mystery of the news inside, personalised with the invitee's name silver plated. The inside of the box is fitted with a motion sensor sound byte of the Lamborghini Engine. As the box is opened, the roaring sound of the Aventador's ignition sets off, revealing the invite for the launch.


Package design





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