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re-imaginED DOMINOS

This project we took charge of creating a unique, differentiated dine-in experience and graphic style for the chain of 500+ stores in India. Elevating the dine-in experience across formats without diluting the core brand value of quick, tasty pizza delivered on time.


Retail Design, Graphic Design



Design studio



2018 - 19

Asset 5_3x.png

An honest, authentic and fun language that showcases Domino’s as a friendly expert and a lively brand. This personality comes through an artisanal and colourful visual style, honest tone of voice and authentic storytelling. 

The illustrations created for the updated look, display all the fresh ingredients that go into Domino’s pizzas. The style is simple and bold. The intentional ‘offset print style' is used to enhance the warm and approachable environment for the store

The new restaurant exterior is built with vintage details and a digital screen displaying exciting brand offers. On entering you are directed to a digital order kiosk, making the order process quicker and less overwhelming. 

While they wait, customers are entertained by a revised ‘Pizza Theatre’ that brings the pizza-making process upfront by reshuffling the kitchen equipment layout; allowing customers to witness their food coming to life. When their order arrives, it’s served in pizza boxes with their name signed on it.

Asset 6_3x.png