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Illustration for dominos

This whimsical Illustration is created unique to the Delhi Flagship store, installed on a double-height space at the entrance. This illustration wall is meant to be a memorable element of the flagship store, adding more character to the brand story. 


Illustration, Retail design


Dominos India



The illustration depicts an imaginary pizza making a village, highlighting parts of the pizza-making process in witty fictional ways.

The illustration was an idea to take people 'back stage' into an imaginary Dominos world. The characters and the illustration story align with the brand's fun and witty characteristic.

Artboard 1.jpg

The 20ft wall

The illustration takes a journey with portraying whimsical ways of the pizza-making process. It has mini -people kneading the dough and carrying around large vegetables. 

A cow riding in a truck of cheese from the milk factory. An artisanal sauce tent, and a replica of the new store which we can peek into.

Finally, the pizza is baked in large ovens and sprinkled with oregano by a flying person.

The outdoor theatre screen doubles as a display for new promotional advertisements and offers, that could play when the button next to it was pressed.

Asset 1.png
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