Brand guidelines

Detailing out the 300-page brand guidelines book, with collaterals that can bring forth the brand aesthetic. Managing brand teams as they create new applications and expand on the brand guidelines set for them.


Branding, Graphic design, Book design, Brand Guardianship


Aditya Birla Capital

Design studio



2017 - 19


Book Design

My initial contribution to this project was designing the brand guidelines book, that required detailed annotating so it could be decoded by vendors and non-designers. around the country.


And creating applications that displayed the brand aesthetic so companies could elaborate on that, to create a wider set of collaterals.


Brand guardianship

I continued to work for the next two years with the brand teams at the subsidiary companies to detail out finer guidelines as they expanded as a company and developed more collaterals.


A part of this job was to further standardise collaterals developed in different formats and languages in different parts of the country.

While a vital part of this job was to have regular check-ins and conversations on how new collaterals could adhere better to the brand aesthetic.



For the launch of the revamped brand identity and brand structure, we launched an ad campaign at the Mumbai domestic and International airports. Each customer journey through the 900 acres was designed to provoke them with thoughtful questions that lead them to pause about their financial needs. 

The campaign is built on the company's identity to be honest, authentic and an advising partner. So instead of pushing financial products, the brand speaks about consumer needs, like protecting, investing, financing, advising.

Each advert is created with pictures of real people in their real surroundings and actions, to reiterate the authentic approach.