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Children's Book {written & illustrated}

When June receives a smaller carrot than Jay,

for digging a burrow, the animal world is puzzled. 

What will June do? Her friends give her advice, but it doesn't work. She must sort this out herself.

June & Jay is a unique approach to teach children about gender equality. The perfect amount of logic and entertainment sums up this illustrated story.


Writing, Illustration, Book Design



It is possible to raise a feminist! 

This personal project is focused on dealing with teaching young children aged 2-5 yrs. about gender equality. The mission is to create a more gender-neutral media landscape, free of unconscious bias. The objective of this children's book is to make children familiar with the term “gender equality” and behavioural inequalities that are inacceptable based on someone's gender.


This story teaches pay equality with animals, and a very simple storyline. The male and female characters are ambiguous to show the equality of work distribution. The story also portrays the different opinions members of our societies hold while depicting the side of extremist feminism and rejecting it. The portrayal of the central character June is strong and thoughtful and she comes up with the moral herself.

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